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  1. HI AudioGuru !!! you really saved my ass....i have replaced Q2 as you said me, and, all is allright !!!! really thanx man ! ;D ;D ;D ;D
  2. thanx man ! i'll do it tomorrow (european time) :D
  3. ehm, i got little problems with english, but who gives a shit :) ok, actually, i will discribe how Q2 behaves.... at the base of the Q2 is about 33V, at the emitter of Q2 is 0.3V and at the collector of Q2 is 33V too....does it say you anything?
  4. emh, i forgot, its normally when the output voltage(pin6) on U2 is 36V?
  5. hi audioguru :) i'm sure i dont have mixed pins of any of parts.... i did little mistake :-[ i connected cooler of q4(collector) and output...and it little bit twinkled....and now? at the output its 0.3V...at the emitter of q4 its 0.3V.... can you give me your ICQ number? thanx 4 help anyway...
  6. hi men, i got one big problem, i'm gonna do matricular exams 3 days later, and i choose this circuit, but, i dont have any voltage at the emmiter of q4...at the collector of q4 its 36V, and at the output pin of U2 its 36V too...please, advice me, or give me your ICQ number...i'm hopeless... ??? ??? ??? ???
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