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  1. I ordered some samples from TI, so I have foothoild to start from now. Thanks.
  2. Thank you all for your replies; the info was helpful. Now I think I'm just going to order a few parts and piece things together according to the spec sheets.
  3. Hi, I have a lot of experience with developing computer software, but not much with hardware. As a simple experimental project, I would like to connect an 8-bit A/D converter to a PC via parallel port, but so far I haven't found a lot a practical information. I would just get an IC and skim the data sheet, but there are way to many different options with different properties, so I would not know where to start. Suppose I would like to measure relativly low voltages (less than 10V, I guess. I can always use a voltage divider)... what would be a good chip to play with? Preferably a widely av
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