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  1. Stupidly on my part, I forgot to mention that by "kit" I mean "build-your-own [insert whatever the final device is]" What do you take me for, a bloodsucking corporation?? LOL Cheaper goes w/o saying. Sure, I'll eventually try to make a profit selling kits. But I'm a hobbyist selling to hobbyists. This's just another aspect of the hobby... Well, the prices I'll set will be about equal to the cost of the parts + what I'm selling my designs for (don't worry, I'm modest :P ). I'll only make a profit off it, 'cos I'll be buying the parts in bulk, and reselling them individually. Hey, I'm honest, right? I'm one of you guys... :P
  2. :P C'mon now... I'm, being serious. This is market reserch...
  3. First off, I'm neither asking for them nor offering them (at least not yet). I'm curious as to what people here would want to see for sale to build as a kit. Any ideas?
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