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  1. do you need this thing left on the PCB from the old monitor you found? the thing that is wrapped in a grey thing! can you mail it to greece? no? well I tried...
  2. I m trying to learn but I have to learn the the small parts first and then I will make my own transformer. What kind of characteristics does a transformer have? How will I ask it from the "electronic" shop
  3. I am trying to copy it, I have already made the PCB! :) It's a voltage inverter. It came with two cold cathode lamps. It takes 12v and it gives 680v I think but I am not sure about the last one.
  4. Hi, I am new to electronics so don't shoot, I really want to learn I am trying to copy this but I can't make out some parts take a look
  5. Ooooo (as Homer Simpson says) I want to try this... I have some lithium batteries (rechargable) but they are not working cause I 've got them for many years!
  6. I like the dazer circuit! I 'll try it!
  7. I want to order some samples from TI but I don't know if I will pay anything! I am in Greece (Athens)
  8. It's in the project section, right? I 'll search for it
  9. Hi, I m new to electronics but I m learning fast I m still 14 so I have plenty of time to learn! I found lots of HV projects around the internet but they are difficult for my level. Does anyone of you have a simple HV generator schematic >1KV output and 12v or 24v input. With very low current cause I don't want to kill me. LoL lOl PCBs will be acceptables! ;D
  10. I have tried several times to desolder components from old PSUs mostly and it worked, It is easy to desolder resistors or diodes but I had a difficulty at transistors and ICs, I didn't used a "sucker" I just heat it and pull it. It's not the best way but it worked.
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