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  1. what are the features that can be added to a electromagnetic field detector? a feature that might be power based? thank you so much!
  2. this is the description of my project: A practical problem in domestic electrical installation is that during simple renovation of houses. Concealed electrical wiring makes difficult for the house owner to identify a suitable location to nail the wall. Also to estimate amount of current the cable is conducting without actually connecting to any measurement meter is definitely a great helpful for an electrician to plan on additional electrical installation. This project is to design an electronic circuit with a display unit, which will detect electromagnetic wave/any type of radiated wave a p
  3. thanks mp.. will do a some reading and come back :) thanks alot again!!
  4. hello people.. im a newbie.. im need to design a device that can detects cable route and estimates current without physical connection to the power cable in concealed electrical installation. i havent been able to find much circuit diagram or anythingregarding this topic. can someone please help me? and enlighten me plz? ???
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