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  1. Hi audioguru can u please explain this point by mathematical way
  2. Hi indulis my main question is that how it produces sharp wave form Thanks
  3. HI does tank ckt works like this shown in figure
  4. Hi audioguru I calculated the frequency of the tank ckt of ur transmitter in which
  5. Hi audioguru I will design this then I give u for checking Thanks
  6. Hi audioguru We have two formulas 1=Cin(miller)=Cbc(Av(mid)+1) 2=Cout(miller)=Cbc((Av+1)/Av) Can i use these formulas in high frequency Thanks
  7. HI hotwaterwizard Thanks for ur help but the data sheet of CM5943 transistor is by central semiconductor corp plz find any other company which make same part Thanks
  8. HI audioguru With VceQ of only 0.5V then the transistor can't do anything useful. Its power dissipation is only 0.5mW (not 5mW) if you need it to operate at such a low power. i mean
  9. Hi audioguru I know that every transistor has its own specfications but today i saw the book of electronic devices by Robert .T. paynter in which he designed the common emitter amplifier by transistor 2N3904 he take VCC=10 and ICQ=1ma and in his design he told that datasheet of 2N3904 gives HFE =70 at ICQ=1ma but we are using HFE= 230 at ICQ=1ma .and he takes VCEQ=0.5VCC as i did so power dissipation by 2N3904 will Pd=ICQ*VCEQ=5mw will be within its maximum rating it OK for 2N3904 but if we apply the same rule to 2N2222 transistor it datasheet gives this values Ic=150ma,VEC=10v,HFE=100min HFE=max so if we take this Ic as ICQ and VCE as VCEQ than 1.5W it is out of rang of 2N2222 800mw so there fore i asked this question
  10. HI audioguru i have a question that indata sheet of any transistor these values are given Ic=10ma,VCE=10V HFEmin=100,HFEmax=300. so these Ic and VCE are saturation values OR quiescent values Thanks
  11. HI audioguru I saw ur ckt ur using 900mv as input but I m using 5mv and amplifying upto 16.47mv Av=~3 is this CKT clips on 5mv Thanks
  12. HI audioguru I rebiased it again with new values Rc=3.6k,RE=1k,R1=90k,R2=18kC1,C2=10uF PLZ
  13. Hi to all Can any one give me the datasheet of following three
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