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  1. I tried. Not bad. I also used each input to power a transistor to preform other task a deferent adio levels. For exaple I used a older reapet toy to say be quit when the noise level got to loud. A transistor and a relay did the trick. Alot of fun guru.
  2. If you are simply going to test 12vdc I would stick with a volt meter from just about any store. Amp and volt will Very with a car elect. system. Most of the time it is ether hot or not.
  3. Remember that you can use kids toys like cell phones and cars then use the circits in these with transistors and others to make a cheap way to control most any applacation.
  4. Is your circit a transmiter or voltage reg? P.S. if I have trouble finding a comp. I am looking for. I go down to the local t.v. repair shop and look in his parts list book. Just about everything you could need you can find in there.
  5. A npn transistor works jus like a silinode. Imagine the base being the silinoide activator and the collector is the hot wire and the emiter is the part that get connected when the silinoide gets turned on. The Base also controls the amount of power that is allowed to pass through.
  6. Got to thinking about it a little more. I use alltread alot. You fix the nut where it cannot move and use a motor to turn the allthread. This makes motion allot easier to control becuse the speed is not as fast. Plus you get alot more lifting power.
  7. Thanks for the DL. The hard part of a project is always the shell. My current project is shelled in a ShopVac. Well most of it is hanging out of it. Not enough room.
  8. I looked at the site to. Think I will wait on the feed back before I sighn up.? :-\
  9. Thanks for the advice. And yes I noticed even the car battery does not last long whith the pc and drive motors not to mention all the other loads I am runing. I wonder though if I do this like you say, if the overcurrent will shut the pc down every time my robot runs it drive motors. They use alot of curent. They are powerwheels gearboxes.
  10. I build robots in spare time. But this is my first on board pc. The only way I know to power it is a 12 volt car battery and a 12vdc/110 inverter. I was apperent that you loose alot of power this way. I know the input to the main board must be perfect. Any power saving tips?
  11. You can use most gear parts out of junked vcr's as your source of motion. Then just build your arm as you go along. Use flip flop cir. for motion control.
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