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  1. Hello, With FAIRCHILD, I do not recieve all samples requested. They always send me back an e-mail : "samples will be shippe". But I never reciev it :-\ And some some time, I recieve some products but not all. Do you know why ? Djipe
  2. I did :) But do not receive all parts requested. Some product are never sent :-\ I'm surprised with your problem. May be I can suggest you to specify only one reference per request. Did your referencement completely ? Did you fill you login and password ? Could I know the reference of the product ?
  3. I did not reach to find this company on the internet. Could youi give me more information please about this company ?
  4. Hello, Do anybody know where I could find motors and gears for samples ? :P Djipe
  5. Thank you Mixos for these links of samples. I've found an other one if you want to implement in your list : http://www.rfmd.com/orderSample.asp I havn't try it. But I tryed : TEXAS I. : less than 2 days to recive components Fairchild : I'm waitting since 1 month. 1 week ago, I recive mail of shipping Microchip : waitting since 1 month, 2 weeks ago, I recive mail of shipping National I. : never : When I confirm the order, they suggest me to pay ::) For your information, I'm in France. Djipe.
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