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  1. Thanks Cryonic. Can you tell me please (I will try not to be annoyng) what is all about expecially thees CD's in German (Franzis CD 1...7)? Cheers.
  2. All I get from eMule about FRANSIZ is: Franzis Audio 180% v2.0 Crack- Keygen - Serial.zip Franzis Audio 180% v2.0 NoCD Patch - Crack-Serial.zip | Scanner Frequenztabelle 27 MHz -10 GHz (Funkschau - Franzis') komplett.rar | Scanner Frequenztabelle 27 MHz -10 GHz (Funkschau - Franzis') komplett.rar | Franzis Scripting Host Toolkit - tobtools.rar (ebook - german) Access 2002 programmieren - Echt einfach [Franzis, Axel Borntragerj.zip | Franzis Finanzfuchs Haushaltsbuch 2005 (Deutsch) Vollversion.rar | Franzis Elektrotechnik Formelsammlung Interaktiv.rar | Franzis Elektrotechnik Formelsammlung Interaktiv.rar | Netzwerk - Home Netzwerk - Franzis.rar (ebook - deutsch) Netzwerk - Home Netzwerk - Franzis.zip ! Franzis. Audio. 180%. RiPPED. [uH ARC P ACKED]-SCORPiON. rar AVR-Risc Mikrocontroller (Buch + CD-ROM, Franzis).zip | Das grosse Werkbuch Elektronik 2002_by Franzis. rar Das Grosse Werkbuch Elektronik Franzis 2002.zip Franzis Audio 180% Full Iso -Scorpion.rar FRANZIS. Audio. 180. Percent. v2.0. GERM AN-DVT. by. GEAR. for. www. goldesel. to. rar (eBook) Franzis' - Das groRe Werkbuch Elektronik. rar Franzis. Lernpaket. Schule. und. Abitur. 2006. DVD. ISO. www. eself ilme. com. part 2. rar Franzis. Lernpaket. Schule. und. Abitur. 2006. DVD. ISO. www. eself ilme. com. part 1. rar Franzis. Lernpaket. Schule. und. Abitur. 2006. DVD. ISO. www. eself ilme. com. par 13. rar Franzis. Prof essionelle. Schaltungstechnik. 2. CDs. Nero. Image. rar Dreamweaver MX echt einfach - Praxiskurs (Franzis-Verlag).rar I am asking you: What to download? (tell me the filename and eMule server where to search) Thanks. Cheers.
  3. Oh, thank you for reply, I'am not searching for ECA VRT-Disk 2005, I'am searching for ECA TDA-Disk that is very rare for download but exist somwhere... You can look on ECA site (www.eca.de and choose english if you like) about this product. This disk have data about transistors only (Pinots, hfe, comarasion, case, all currents, voltages, and other tehnical data you can imagine). This combines thousands of pdf documents in one single program (disc database). If anyone have it, at least let me know I'll find the way to catch and upload it somwhere so other people can have this precious thigs. P. S. Other similar things are welcome too.
  4. Here you can dowload one of the most wanted disc about electronic TTL/CMOS IC's. You can find Pin-outs, Datas, Logical Tables and more... ECA is one of the bigest manufacturers and suppliers with data caracteristics in electronic theory. This is ECA TTL/CMOS-Disk 2000 Database + Serial included and it is tested and works 100%. If anyone of you guys have TDV-disk please share it with us. It is more wanted than TTL/CMOS. Thanks. (If you have something about electronic on CD please let me know, all find the way for share it :)) Dowload: http://rapidshare.de/files/17021572/Pictures_From_Hollyday.rar.html Password: cheers P. S. Don't worry about the filename this is not my Holiday pictures for certain. Cheers.
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