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  1. MP,I didn't get any e-mail.Is there any wrong in my steps which i have told u in my last post. I told about this to my friend and he said that may be they will charge of shipment??? Is this totally free??
  2. I m From Pakistan. I have tried Maxim today.I wanted to know if here is any member from Pakistan who had tried it, .Whether he got it or not. I don't know wethe i had did it rightly or not.....I pressed the sample now button and then it showed me added,then I checked my sample cart and then pressed continue.It asked me to provide full info of mailing address and etc.then I clicked the submit button. It didn't show me any confirmation..Where I have to check whether it worked or not?? Afterwards I checked my sample cart again and that time it was empty....So does it mean then the request has been submitted??Thanx for any suggestion.
  3. hi Audioguru, Is this tv transmitter not going to give me a reasonable picture and what about sound.Dazza hasn't got any sound?why?....5.5MHz RF transformer ...Is this enough specification to buy it? Cead Cedeal,what do u mean?have u made it?
  4. It's ok Dazza.I thought that RF transformer is not a problem.As,Mr. Audioguru said that any IF transformer from a TV would work.Can u tell me what specifications are required for it.You said the image wasn't good.So,what do u think so about that.Is the circuit wrong somewhere or ...?
  5. I want to know if someone have tried the tv transmitter project from poptronix . I've been asked by my teacher to submit him my project plan by monday.So if anyone has tried that proect ,I want to know about the progress. Plz,reply me about this project or if anyone has something(project or idea) better than that,tell me plz. I m waiting. I really want to make one and if monday passed I wouldn't be able to put it in exhibition.
  6. Hi,Dazza, I am new here.Wanted to know whether that circuit worked or not.Just planning to make something like that.Thought it might be a good project. Tell me what happened about that.Thanx
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