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  1. Thanks for help. I'm from India. ordering from Mouser or any other similar dealers is too expensive and is out of question. thats why i want to find the equivalents, if any, which i can sorce in india. and St is not offering any free sample regards Arup
  2. Can anybody tell me the pin to pin equivalent of M5451B7 LED display driver? Regards Arup
  3. I've seen that thread. but this does not include the full articles. we need the articles too. so if anybody has them please post. regards Arup
  4. Yes I also require Silicon Chip April 2000, Oct 2006 and Nov 2006 issues. If anybody got them please post. Regards Arup
  5. Hi, Can anybody post Siliconchip issue no. 217 and 218 featuring "LED Tachometer With Dual Displays" with the source code? Pls help guys as i want to build the project. Plsss Arup
  6. email a request to [email protected] for PCA9564 evaluation board kit and PCA9564 evaluation kit. You'll get them. Prepare two separate emails.
  7. Search the semiconductors.philips.com or standardics.philips.com. there are a few demo boards - a few low power audio amp boards and headphone amp boards and the I2C page for I2C related boards. do check the spelling of the websites that i've mentioned. ______ Arup
  8. Hi guys, Philips also rocks. It is the only company IMO who ships a demo/evaluation board. I got a few of their demo boards through FEDEX. One of their I2C demo kit even contains a 9V, 1A SMPS power adapter. ;D. And the other kit contained a 9V duracell battery :D. So guys.... hats off to Philips. Btw do you managed to get evaluation boards from any other company? Regards _____________ Arup
  9. Get it from here: http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=3757.msg23676#msg23676 Regards __________ Arup
  10. Hi, I want to know if there is a good software for converting schematic diagrams that I draw to Veroboard design? I've tried Lochmaster - the software is good - but to my limited experience it doesn't allow to draw a schematic diagram and then let it convert to Veroboard. Stripboard magic is good is this respect but the schematic drawing part is not very user friendly. Is there any other software? or am I doing something wrong with these softwares? Please suggest guys. ___________ Regards Arup
  11. Thanks. Can you tell me if anybody provides a free sample of these chips? It seems that all three manufacturers do not. Regards Arup
  12. Hi, Can anybody suggest a direct pin - to- pin replacement for Hynix HY27US08121A NAND flash chip? I know there is a Samsung chip which is pin-to-pin equivalent. Any other chips? Also is any manufacturer which is providing free samples of these chips? _____________ Thanks, Arup
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