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  1. you can find mercury switches in household thermostats
  2. need jvc av27f702 schematic or service manual please
  3. la78041 is a vertical output ic. does anyone have the specs for it. thanks
  4. does anyone have this? please. thanks
  5. does anyone have this? it is a preamp made by Luxkit in Japan model Z502 is 220 volt model thanks
  6. Thanks, those are a little help. I have the st20 toolset, and I am still looking for the reference manual. the toolset is also known as ST20SWC does anyone have this?
  7. does anyone know where I can find this? Thanks
  8. no compiler, but try idapro. the idc in it is the nect best thing
  9. hotwaterwizard, yes, exactly what I need thanks. email would be great! Kasamiko, the web site belongs to hotwaterwizard.
  10. Again thanx. Those are a big help. However, I still need the register manual get into the software.
  11. Thanks hotwaterwizard. I am waiting for confirmation to access your page.
  12. Does anyone have the manuals for the sti5500 chip?. I need the register manual. thanx
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