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  1. ;D I want to build this power supply for my iPod to be used when travelling. I have seen the design using LT1308 and MC34063... the problem is that these ICs are not available in my country. do you guys have other designs? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Audioguru! I wired the Tone control as per data sheet specification. I am using a Piezo Type Stereo tuner as my test input.
  3. I built a project, a tone control for the 22W TDA1554 Power Amp. It is now working. But my problem is I can seem to make it sound loud unless I turn the vol to the max. And it starts to sound only whent the volume control is turned more than a quarter turn. Now, there is no problem with the sound. An I read somewhere that this fault is inherent when using a linear pot and that I should use a logarithmic pot. I can't find such pot here in the Philippines. Is there a work around this problem? Thanks.
  4. Thanks Audioguru... yes, I have my Xformer customized and it is 12-0-12 50A primary and 220 volts secondary.
  5. I wonder how these devices able to control humidity inside an enclosure and how can they mimic the funcion of silica gels. Anybody have a circuit of this?
  6. My bad. Very bad! I did your version Audioguru... but my Frequency is 50Hz when the AC freq in the Philippines is 60Hz. I will try to redi it again.
  7. I built the original and never returned here again. I was busy trying to figure out why do the Inverter keeps on burning Electric Fans. Tha fan I used was the common type, one with the 0, 1, 2, 3 mechanical control, not electronics like a light dimmer. Now that I am out of aces, I returned here and surprised that the circuit has evolved. :D Now which circuit will not damage electric fans? I managed to destroy some numbers of electric fans over the years. :D I tend to beleive Ante... maybe the inverter are not for Inductive Loads. :(
  8. Okay.. I built the 500w Power Inverter... it's working but why does it burn my electic fan's motor after running sometimes? All I can do with it now is to light a 50W Incandescent Bulb. :(
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