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  1. About C4, R8 and R9 forget it.... my bad, R9 only takes down a bit amplitude of ripple voltage at low frequencies (something like to 10Hz). So I still don't understand R9 fuction.... I remeber that audioguru said that it isolates D9... does it mean that for D9 R9 seems to be source?
  2. Ok I have read through all postings in this 3A to 5A list and I don't recall that there were list of components, what you need to change compared modified 3A project. Maybe I have been up too late too many nights, but can anyone help me with this problem. I going to get over first with 3A project, but somehow I know, that one day it will be not eough and then this list will be very handy :-D. I know that for someone it might sound a bit silly talk, but I can't help, that my knowledges aint big in electronics....only way to learn anything is through questions...I guess. :-D PS I've definetly been up too much and too often, because my typing suck real bad.... sorry about mistakes and about my english, which isn't my naitive.
  3. A small thing that I've noticed... I simulated C4, R8 and R9 and only R8 and C4... and thing is that with R9 isn't it 3 order LPF (as without it it's 2 order LPF)? The thing is with with R9 it cut's harder frequencies, then without R9..... it's just a remark...btw at 100Hz it drops ripple voltage something like 30 times...c :-) And a question.... I understand why C6 and C9 are neended, but can anyone explain they workin principals.... Sry about all my silly questions, but I can't get rest, unless I know enough :-D PS. If anyone intrested, then this is how should U3 output voltage look like, then it is working. (the red one is u3 output)
  4. A silly question: in wich frequency is low pass filter (R8, R9 and C4) calculated on? I mean does it block from 100Hz to ...?
  5. At first I'm quite newbie in electronics and me and my firend decided to make our course project about this power supply. And there is needed some analysis and calculations. So in schematic is C4, R8 and R9 ... why are these needed? I understand why C5 is nessesery, but isn't better to use a ceramic cap. (we use mod list - [email protected])? And there is that ripple... How I can make somekind of calculations about ripple in U2 output (pin 6.) and how about calculations about ripple smoothing by Q2 and Q4 (we going to use two 2N3055). And how about C9? (I undestand that, it puts U2 working also like integrator). C6 is understandable in high frequencieis... can anyone help us about these problems ? :-)
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