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  1. hey guys i need some help...im new to electronics world and i need some advices and teaching about some things.i need to build a decoupler circuit but i dont know how.what is a decoupler practically mean?and i need to block dc signals for my op-amp can you pls help me how? thanks alot guys...
  2. kazamico' im from victorias city.how about u? btw can u help me with my project?can u pls tell me if i can create a band pass filter with a single op-amp 741?tanks alot...
  3. hi im a newbie n here and im also a pinoy.taga negros ko tol...
  4. pls help me find datasheets for the following compnents: wpt440 lm741
  5. pls help me find the data sheet for this component.tnx
  6. pls help me find the data sheets of ics SM5262 and SM5272.somesites does not have them and i need to find an equivalent ics for this.thank you so much.
  7. timer and sensor.it should be for several cars.thank you so much...
  8. im trying to create a racing timer like in the formula one but it should be cheaper.using any sensors like laser,IR or RF.thank you...
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