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  1. How about for Single phase Induction motor, is it possible?
  2. Hi evreybody. I have changed my idea on the method of generating the SPWM signals for the inverter. That is I want to design it using analog electronics. I have generated the carrier triangular wave and i am going to use wien bridge oscillator or the 8038 function generator IC. Which type of switch MOSFET or IJBT is most appropriate for my application and with this what is the possible carrier frequency? I need your help.
  3. The rating of the iduction motors that I am going to control is above 5 HP, 415V, 3-phase wound rotor or squirrel cage . The available materials for me are , 8085 and 8086 microprocessors with their interfecing devices , interfacing cards like DAC and ADC , 8051 microcontroller. Thank you Gazza.
  4. I want to design the iverter only. Thank you
  5. I am working on constant voltage by frequency(v/f) control of 3-phase induction motor for my final project. I think this is achieved by using PWM invertors, and I will do it by that. There are different methods of generating PWM wave. I can not use the DSP based because I can't get these type of chips due to economic reasons. So what do you advise me on the type of PWM wave generator and how to achieve it easily with reasonable price? I am waiting your help. Thank you inadvance.
  6. The problem with the water pump design for me is I do not know the principles of working the water pump,the materials required and how is connected with the dc motr. The type of water pump that i need is well water pump.
  7. I want to design a solar based water pump as a project. I do not have much problem on the design of the solar part of the design, but on the water pump part. So could you help me how to proced. Thanks in advance.
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