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  1. havnt been here for ages  :o

    anyway, ive finished this project (almost) lol, and i dont hav a 39pF cap so i used a 56pF metallized caps for now, works ok... you might need a preamp on the output as well

    you only need 4 100nF ceramic caps
    what are the 180nF and 100nF metallized caps for?

    you dont need high voltage caps as the project only needs 2x 9v (or about that) batteries to run

  2. Does any one know the frequences used for Freeview?
    Freeview is a free digital TV thing in the UK, don't know if its in other countrys.
    In the UK we can just use a normal analog TV aerials, but some places need a high gain aerial.
    I wanted to make a signal amplifer to save money on buying a high gain aerial, just that i don't know what frequancys Freeview uses.

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