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  1. Thanks guys for all the comment..
  2. Yap.. Thanks for the resource.. I still will be trying to figure out using what to measure the current from the power supply to calculate the power.
  3. Ok thanks.. Think theres ppl making it already.. Hump.. :'(
  4. Hiya.. I still in the process of studying the workout of the device... Once ready I will start to make it.. But I think it will take a long time to experiment with it.
  5. Hi guys, I having a idea of making a device for recording the power consuming from a power supply socket. Therefore after to able calculate the power, I should be able to calculate the price of the electricity for the amount of time used. The Eletricity Meter should be able to plug onto the power supply socket and the electrical device's power supply will be plug it into the Electricity Meter. For example I want to calculate the power used for watching an hour of TV. I will use the power taken for the hour and calculate the price for consuming within the hour. Do you think this idea will work? Thanks for seeing.
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