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  1. I am trying to download some large (>50MB) files from rapidshare. but unfortunately i have a dialup connection, which takes more than 2HRs to download it and also i have download accelerator, which is useless for download from rapidshare,  so i have to use the IE downloader, whenever there is a power glitch or network disconnect, i loose the file and its extremely difficult to download the entire file.
    which download manager works with rapidshare?
    i have tried a few others available on the net but it was futile.
    please help me

  2. Two capacitors are sometimes used to increase the voltage rating. the capacitors are connected in series making its voltage rating double of that of a single capacitor.
    Two transistors are used to make the power supply a symmetrical one. the primary of the high frequency has either two symmetrical coils or a center tapped coil so to make the power input symmetrical , two transistor are used at either ends of the coil and the centre tap is connected to +Ve or -Ve.

  3. I have downloaded many of the ebooks from this forum, all the single part ones work ok.
    but the ebooks with two or more parts are giving problems, i am using winace to decompress them, and in almost all the multipart files, i am not able to decompress it, winace says "found bad block". i download all the parts in a single folder and tried to extract the first part.

    is there a menas to despan the files if they were spanned over many parts to keep the file size managable. I mean combine to get a single file. I have more than 250MB of downloaded files lying useless with me.

    please help

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