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  1. Is there noone who can tell me what kind of transistors I can use to amplify the current from the regulator? Thanks, WeaSiL
  2. There is no reason I can't use a switching regulator. I just have no experience with them at all. Suggestions and design ideas would be greatly appreciated though and I will certainly evaluate all my possibilities. What type of switching regulator and how do I implement it? Thanks, WeaSiL
  3. After some more research I was able to find and purchase some TL783 High Voltage regulators. These appear to be exactly what I need for the initial regulation and have the same general use as an LM317 type regulator. My question now is how do I take the output of that regulator and have a transistorised output capable of 10A? I have been able to build the supply with a much lower current but equal voltage with another transformer and when I load the supply down the voltage drop across the load increases to ~77VDC. What type of transformers can I use that are capable of the required output and how can I use the output of the regulators to determine their voltage?
  4. I need to build a 60~65VDC 10A Power supply to run one of the servo motors for my CNC Mill. I will be using the 182U30 Transformer from this page http://www.hammondmfg.com/182.htm. What is the most cost effective way to drop the voltage from the rectified ~80VDC down to 60 or 65VDC ? I have considered a high voltage switching regulator but would like to keep the parts count (and cost) down if possible. Any ideas. Thanks, WeaSiL P.S. I just found these forums and hope to be here quite a bit more in the future.
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