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  1. Please, tell me where can I find the scheme of this useful thing?
  2. sorry about the link... I didn't verified it.... This have happened because the data in the site is enetered from some forms... So, You can start from here http://www.apc.com/tools/mytools/index.cfm?action=search&category=user and find all You need...
  3. I'm attaching the sheet You need. In fact, Back-UPS 600 is a very old model and is no longer manufactured. But these series of UPSes on APC is a very hard made with very detailed manulas. You can do all with this UPS - there are variable resistors inside with wich You can adjust all tha parameters on the mashine. Unfortunately this is different at next generations of Back-UPSes.... If You need different manuals than this, I'm attaching, You can visit this link: http://www.apc.com/tools/mytools/index.cfm?action=umfamily If I were You, I would make external charging system with automatic disc
  4. Congratulations Kasamiko! This is about finding schematic diagram on this ups! Well, I'm dealing with servicing all the APC upses. 60Ah is about 6 times bigger than the capacity of the original UPS batteries. So, as long it is a lead-acid battery, there will be no problems to use this external battery. But, there is some things You have to know: 1. The charging time will be about 6 times longer than charging time of the ups with original batteries which means about 80 hours! 2. The cooling (thermal) system of the UPS is not calculated to make possible working on battery at full power mor
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