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  1. Hello HalliK Did the battery pack you bought was original? Was it fromt he manufacture of your laptop? Give us more information and your experience using this battery. It will be very helpfull for all of us.
  2. Hi MP This layout is not permanent. I am testing some solutions.. Thanks for your patience
  3. The problem is that we must do a special configuration to the server to handle the site correctly. I am working on this.. hoping to solve it soon. Thanks for your patience
  4. Electronics-Lab moved on a NEW server hopping to get rid of glitches appeared from time to time. Please send feedback and report any problems you will face navigating the site. Thanks for your understunding
  5. Try to rename the file and post it again. Possibly another file with the same name already exists.
  6. Testing.. Now seems ok, please report any other problem in future. Thanks
  7. I apologize for any access errors during the last 24-48 hours. This is due to server switch procedure. We moved on a new server hopping to solve the long delays of the past. Please report any access or performance problems. Thanks for your patient :)
  8. Click on help button on the top menu or click here: http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/YaBBHelp/index.html and then navigate to "Posting"
  9. Ok, corrected. Now seems ok. Please try again and report results.
  10. testing [attachment deleted by admin]
  11. [iurl]http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?board=15;action=display;threadid=2614[/iurl]
  12. Max file size increased to 5000KB but i don't think Ante became happy ??? There is a limit on the HD space so it can't be increased too much. Also rar files are allowed from now on. For such a large files (60MB) i suggest you to open a free hosting account (ex geocities or similar) and post the link on each message you want to include the file. If the file is already available online just post the link.
  13. How it is going now? Please post feedback.
  14. I came across bq24100 datasheet and i thought it may interests you. This is a Li-Ion switchmode charge management IC. Take a look here: http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/bq24100.html In page 25 of datasheet there is circuit using bq24100 that charges the battery while powering the system without affecting battery charge and termination. Search for other charge ICs that you could be used this way.
  15. New article added: >> How to rebuild a Li-Ion battery pack >>PDF version download Comments, suggestions welcome ;)
  16. Take a look at this article from Circuit Cellar, may help you. Lacoste-168.pdf
  17. As electrolytic capacitors getting old their ESR (Equivalent Series Resistor) is rising and that may or not cause problem to your circuit. You can measure ESR using special ESR meters (Elektor has published one before) or using low resistance meters. An alternative method if you don't like any of the above is described here: http://www.fullnet.com/u/tomg/esrscope.htm The quality it's for sure a reason for a capacitor to fail but also enviromental conditions or excess heat can dry out a capacitor. I think it's difficult to predict the lifetime of an electrolytic capacitor so some may last much more than others.
  18. First of all you must define the type of the battery you want to use. It will be NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion or another?
  19. Inplug it from the rest of the circuit and mark the side used as secondary (the side that goes to outlet and gives 220VAC). Then with a multimeter measure across the terminals of each side to find the two separate coils (use contiunity tester). Your transformer will look like the one in the image below. It must be T2 in schematic (....-sxems.pdf). Then short the two terminals so you have one coil each side of the transformer and two free terminals. Then with EXTREME CARE apply 220 AC on the secondary winding and measure the voltage on the primary. Then you can find the ratio dividing the two voltages 220/what you measure on primary. The most possible rating of your transformer is 2x120VAC on secondary and 2x12VAC on primary so you must measure 24VAC on primary (when you short the coils). The power of it must be at least 400VA on the one and 600VA on the other. Check the size of each transformer if are identical. If they are the same then they are 600VA both of them otherwise the bigger -> the most powerfull, .
  20. Hello :D This is the main power transformer that steps up the low AC voltage to a higher level AC volatge (110VAC or 220VAC). This has usually a ratio 1:10 between primary and secondary windings and can be used also as a step down tranformer if you use it in reverse. How many terminals can you see on this tranformer?
  21. You may try http://www.futurlec.com it's a good and cheap electronics eshop or http://www.ampslab.com/trans_tda7000.htm Also check Google Results on TDA7000
  22. Nice links MP :) Added here: http://www.electronics-lab.com/links/?c=136 in parent category and subcategories.
  23. Please provide us more information so we can help you. You can attach the service manual, a photo or enything else you think can help.
  24. Hello umdengineer08 Suitable transistor to 2N3643 are: MPSA06 2N4401 PN3643 Hope you find one of them to finish your project :). Don't forget to tell as your expiriences building your circuit :D
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