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  1. The problem is located to your e-mail client. It can't understand the ";" as part of the URL. So in this URL:


    it will understand this as a link:


    and the rest part will be not included when you click to the link:


    so you will finally go to: http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?board=4

    which is the board index.

    I attach you an image to see how my e-mail client understund the whole URL with no problem.


  2. The link included to the e-mail drives you directly to the topic that anwered and not the index page.

    Here is a sample link generated when answering this topic:


    This is driving you in to the topic not the index page.

  3. This capacitor bank exsperiment unfinished, but with 16x 630 volts at 0.0022 uf, i powerd from the high voltage output of the high voltage multiplier circuit, powerd from the microwave oven motor generator, in the rest after i powerd the capacitor bank up i then shorted the 2 high voltage output wires together, and got a big pop like shorting out a high voltage photo flash capacitor, as soon as i get more capacitors, ill fill the board up right to the end.

    by Steven

  4. Users with no valid e-mail adresses was deleted from the users database to keep the database clear and the forum in a high quality state. All e-mail adresses that bounced back after the update notification e-mail sent to all users of Electronics-Lab community counted as invalid.

    If you think that there was a mistake... you are welcome to join again Electronics-Lab community with a valid e-mail adress.


  5. I made a test message, to test what you mention above... but no notification came to my answer post. Did you noticed this more than once? Maybe there was an answer almost the same time (before or after your post) and for that's why you received the notification.

    About the direct link to the last message of the threat this is not something i can easylly add.

  6. In these pictures i used a small elctronic circuit box to install the microwave oven moter/ generator into. first i had to cut and file a tryangle hole in it so that the plastic part of the generator with the terminals sticking out ,will protrude through. then i drilled the holes and inserted 2 bolts to keep the moter in place, after i a drilled the hole for the plastic generator shaft to go through, then i made the back cover from a peace of flattend pvc pipe, the same i used to design my circuit boxes with, then i inserted the square white turn peace that slips onto the shaft.

    Then i drilled a small hole through, the center and put a screw in to secure the turn peace to the plastic generator shaft., although the turn peace fits over the shaft ok ,its a bit hard to hold it to crank up the generator so ill make a wheel for it.

    by Steven

  7. in this setup are 2x 6kv 0.0022uf ceraimcs solder together in parralell with only 1x 1m 1/2 watt resistor, this mini marx setup works good and runs off the high voltage multiplier circuit which is powerd up by rotateing the microwave oven motor generator, so in this exsperiment it wsent nessisary to use higher value resistors on the other side of the ceramics as im not runing it off the hv output of a flyback transformer, the total voltage rateing is 12kv , every few rotations of the generator outputs a fast fat arc between the spark gaps , before this test i had another setup 3x2kv ceramics in parralell at 0.01uf each and when i rotated the generator, nothing happend untill i put the generator down then reached over towards the hv ceramics with my finger and i wasent cloe enougth to it when it fired off by itself , like a delayed arc that was fast and loud

    by Steven

    Here is a closeup of the exsperimental mini marx setup used in the output of the voltage multiplier circuit powerd by the microwave oven motor generator

  8. I made a small change. Please report here if you see again this error message:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare phpadmentor_maxinttonull() (previously declared in /home/electronics-lab.com/www/advertising/phpadmentor_config.php:18) in /home/electronics-lab.com/www/advertising/phpadmentor_config.php on line 18

  9. ok, hotwaterwizard. I increased the allowed attachment filesize to 3000KB. Hope this help you continue posting the datasheets you found.

    But, please if the datasheet is already in a web site, post a link to it and don't upload the datasheet here if it's to big.

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