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  1. Hi, I'm now using a satelite receiver to get the TV channel by the satelite of other country. It is Satelite Receiver SAT/EV Programmer. It cannot detect the satelite too far away because of the position of the satelite dish. I'm in Malaysia, around 100'E, 7'N. I think it should be able to receive the channel from China, Indonesia, Thailand... Does anyone know any satelite that near to this position and the frequency of it? I need the frequency, polarization and the skew. The channel shouldn't need a decoder. And, i'm using C band. I've found a few channel so far, CCTV1, CETV1, MTV, SDTV1 and
  2. Hi, they are not connected together. From the attachment, the red circle is the electromagnetic field detector. While the blue color is the DC motors for the blades. Try to figure it out with the previous attachment. Is it called electromagnetic field interference? When i use fully charged batteries, it interferes; when i use used batteries (around two third of full), it doesn't interfere. Is there any solution for my case? Thanks
  3. No, the blades (DC motors) are not common grounded with the rest. It is connected withe a battery source only.
  4. Yes.. they have the same current. But they are in different direction (the left one turns anticlockwise; the right one turns clockwise), still interfere.
  5. Hi, The attached diagram is the base of my robot mower. The tank circuit is used to detect the electromagnetic field produced by the 555 timer with multiple loops of wires. When the field is detected, the robot will do a "U turn". Otherwise, it just go straight. But my problem is, when i turn on the blades, it starts going crazy. It keeps doing U turn even at the center of the loops of wires. The electromagnetic field produced by the DC motor interfere my system. I've used the shielding method by using the alluminium foil, but i was told that, that method won't solve my problem. Yes, it doesn'
  6. Hi, Yea... I was told that, this kind of battery needs to be handled very carefully.. Thanks..
  7. Hi, I'm thinking that, is it possible for me to use the battery of the motorcycle as the source for my project? For example, a Yamaha SS Two's battery. But i don't know the voltage and the rest of the info about that, i just want to know whether it can be used or not. Can i use a voltage regulator with it to get the voltage i want? It is because, i don't want to use so many AA batteries for the project. Or, does anyone can give any suggestion? Thanks ;D bananasiong
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