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  1. Hello again I'm still trying to build this circuit and still not getting anywhere and I keep trying to get it to work but I think I've got the pinouts wrong because I'm only getting one led to light and that's lit all the time but does not flash. This is what I've tried now I've got pins 3 to 9 and 13 of the IC 4027 all connected together and onto the neg rail and I've got pins 10 and 11 and 16 all connected to the plus rail. I would be very pleased for any help that you can give me about this circuit as I'm new to this site and I've not yet managed to get this one to work so far. Thank you from Jennifer
  2. Hello I'm new to this site and I'm interested in building the Transistor tester and looking at the circuit diagram could you please tell me if pins 11,16,3,9,13 of IC 4020 are connected to anything or are the just left open. Thank you for your help.
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