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  1. faizanbrohi, Thanks, will up date u when i have completed the project. :D
  2. Dear Faizanbrohi, Really appreciated your kind help, can you email me both PCB layout and schematics. Thank you.
  3. Dear Zombie, Managed to find the locasl rep to help and hv already signed a contract deal with the company. Thanks for your comment :)
  4. Need advices from experts or guru here...want to build a simple frequency generator that can provide 1Khz and 10Khz outputs. Need circuit diagram and components data. Better if some great expert or guru can direct me to where I can buy a project kit to build it. Thank you
  5. Having one unit Audiometric Test Booth installed for quite sometime; its purpose is testing the level of hearing. Problem is this unit needs to be calibrated. Who know how it is done and who n where can I obtain such expertize to certify and calibrate the unit? Help urgently required ! I'm from Malaysia.
  6. Thank you Audioguru. Need further clarification on the graph result - the top end graph curve is it for new battery? and bottom end curve is for used battery??? Is there any test which can be carried out to know the rechargeable battery is holding its charge and amperecity?
  7. Thank you for the replies. I was told by my U lecturer that a Ni-Cad rechargeable battery 12V 600mAH when new and is fully charged will be able to retain its capacity for at least 3 months (not in use)
  8. Common to all types of rechargeable batteriesis there is such thing called "self discharge" where the battery actually loses power even though the device it's in is turned off. Is there a "common" rate of self discharge (which it varies between capacity and its chemistry) eg 90% capacity after 60 days (i.e loses 10% capacity)? ??? ??? ??? Any1 can help?
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