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  1. yeah, now I checked it and now there isn't voltage regulation ;D Actually, it WAS before the LED start flashing - probably I short-circuited the Q3. I dont have the -5,6V, so I try to replace the elements in negative supply rail.
  2. Hi all I've got problem witch building 0-30V 0.002-3A PSU (http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/power/003/index.html). Voltage regulation works fine, but there is no current limiter, U2 (TL081)is heating and LED (D12) flashes all the time when power is on. Semiconductors are not damaged, I checked all diodes & transistors after soldering. I replaced two transistors: 2N3055 for KD503 [Tesla], and 2N2219 for BD139 Please help Thanks mikevein, Poland
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