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  1. If anyone know of a replacement as im in australia and they sell nothing of use here. Also a if anyone know of any websites that have cross reference database so i can look myself in the future, im sure others will find it usefull too, Thanks
  2. These 2 are the most suitable i think. http://members.tripod.com/xexorz/schematics/irreceiver.html http://members.tripod.com/xexorz/schematics/irtransmit.html if someone can look at them and see if they have any problems i would most appreciate it, also on the receiver it has a out put transformer? what is one and what would i look for and get when buying one, Thanks again
  3. Hi i want to make a easy ir link between my house and shed, about 15m, so i can plug it into my sound card on my pc and send the audio to the shed so i can listen to things on my pc while in the shed. Is there a simple and easy to follow ir schematic for a beguiner that i can build, also is it possible to be in stereo too? Thank you Drawings and explainations would be most greatful
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