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  1. pls send KP-E41Mh11 chassis scc-k61a-a [email protected]
  2. greets pls help me to get schem for sony KP-E41Mh11 chassis -SCC-k61a-a projector made in Spain.thnx in advance [email protected]
  3. if prob not solved ,try searching for sony error codes-that blinking led tells the story i will try to upload sony error codes soon.
  4. hotwaterwizard ,thnx :-* a mega for a drawing
  5. pls resend the nad drawing,thnx in advance
  6. Start first by checking the element of the arm,resistance checking.I dont havea drawing ,but i managed to fix few weller arms,good luck.
  7. Greets to all,may 1 please send me amplifier drawings for NAD302 and NAD304.thnx in advance.
  8. hi ante the url needs use+pass pls mail at [email protected] in advance.
  9. Hi just read the eeprom and send me a dump.i will give you a code.
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