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  1. dear audioguru, GUru @ master hehe ;D ;D then do u have any suggestion? and i saw u posting in the arron cake forum too....i can see u help lots ppl there... ;D ;D ;D good jobs haha...i will try to generate my circuit and post it soon....any defects there pls help me to detect... ;D ;D thanks
  2. hi audioguru, i just wan to know the use which pin to connect to the pin Q and inverted Q of cd 4047? :'( :'( and how about i add LM358 amplifier to increase the output current from the CD4047 in order to increase the efficiency? ??? ???
  3. dear audioguru can u show or tell me how can i connect it to be modified sine wave?? can i use the circuit i posted here http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=1360.112 to change from sine wave to modified sine wave inverter? cos i wan to use mosfet than transistor to increase the efficiency of the inverter...thanks lots ;D ;D
  4. dear audio guru do u have any idea to implement this?? for example we take kasamiko inverter how do we make it from square wave to modified sine wave?? ??? ???thanks lots
  5. dear audioguru, do you have any suggestion to modify the circuit as u meant ??? the cost isnt a problem as i know you said before the ferroresonant transformer is expensive enough.....i just want to learn more about the inverter projects ;D ;D ;D so after i can sucessful make it work so i can share to other ppl in this forum
  6. dear audioguru, can u describe how its look like?? hehe ;D ;D maybe i have it... ;D ;D
  7. dear audioguru... is there any alternative way to increase the efficiency without using the pwm?? and the negative feedback u meant is used for?? ??? ???
  8. hi audioguru.. i still dont understand why we want to invert the signal from XR2206?? and why we need to have voltage reference 6V?? thanks for your information ??? ???
  9. Dear Audioguru, Do you have the modified sinewave inverter circuit ??? can share it out for our knowledge?? ;D ;D just asking....
  10. hi audioguru, can i add more mosfet and caps to increase it performance aslo efficiency?? or Do you have any suggestion?? thanks for your reply..... :D :D
  11. hi grateful, can i know where u put the H-BRIDGE in the circuit? is it at the output of the inverter? thanks
  12. dear audioguru oh now i see....can u pls explain the usage both of LM 324 in the circuit diagram?? because in the datasheet i cant find and similarity circuit in it for the application especially in the driver part there....thanks for your reply
  13. if so...then i can straight use the xr2206 by changing the value of the capacitance and resistance shown in the datasheet to get 50HZ? in the datasheet there is many ways to generate the sine wave...which 1 should i choose? sinewave generation without external adjustment or sinewave with minimum harmonics distortion? and what is the different between this 2 circuit? thanks ;D
  14. dear audioguru the XR 2206 port connected to an XOR to invert the waveform ?? because the input from the multiplier is always big so it is 1 and the function generator will give 1 and 0 so the output from the XOR will be inverted???
  15. oh i see.....then is there IC would replace the previous 1? and the multiplier in the circuit..what is the usage?? just multiply the current or it have other usage? and its port connected to an XOR to invert the waveform ?? because the input from the multiplier is always big so it is 1 and the function generator will give 1 and 0 so the output from the XOR will be inverted??? ??? ???
  16. yes i know ...i just wants to know about the IC used for producing the square wave...what is the model of the IC and how can it produce a 50hz square wave?? thanks :-*
  17. hi audioguru..this is the circuit u all posted earlier but is quite blur there so i just guess the component model so sorry here i attach the reattach the circuit...thanks for helping me 8)
  18. hi dear frend ...can pls teach me how to calculate for the CD4047 and the MM5389 to get 50hz output?? thanks lots
  19. so sorry here i attach the part num too hehe... ;) R1=10Mohms R2=100ohms R3= 1.3kohms R4=5.60kohms R5&R6=2.2Kohms CX=22pF trimmed capacitor C1&C2=22pF ceramic C3=8.2nF 100V MKT C4=10uF 16V C5=47uF 16V C6=470nF 400V D1= 5V 0.4W D2 & D3= 47V 1W Q1-Q2=BS170 IC1=4060 IC2=4013 IC3=4047 CR1=3.2768MHZ crystal T1=220ac/2X10V 2X2.2A F1=5A fuse F2=0.25A fuse L1=1H smoothing choke my inverter is use for small application such as travel charger and for laptops i was told to make modification on this circuit..can anyone suggest how can i improve the circuit? ;D
  20. dear audioguru, so sorry..hehe...i got confused since i enter so many inverters forum....this is the circuit i meant...so anyone can suggest how to modify this circuit?
  21. the inverter i need to do is with all this spec: 1) input voltage 10-15V dc 2) lower input volatge warning 10.5V DC 3) lower voltage protection : 10V DC 4) static current: 0.5a 5) output voltage :220V 6) output freq: 50HZ 7) output wave: modified sine wave 8) surge capability : 300W 9) continous power : 150W 10) efficiency >90% 11) output overloading proctection :150W 12) high tempreture protection can i use the inverter with the square wave output ( that is done by kasamiko and audioguru) and filter it (using low pass filter) to be sine wave inverter? can anyone suggest anything to be modified from my circuit attached? thanks
  22. hi i had been read all posts of the inverter ....but i cant dl the one with using the PWM for the inverter can anyone pls send me the link so i can hav a look on the circuit ...thanks ;D ;D
  23. hi audioguru, did u all still continue on the project? i mean do you all still make any modification on the sinewave inverter? thanks
  24. hi to all, actually i am also interested in all inverter project and i read all the posts by you guys but i have problem to download the shcematic... :-[ can anyone help me? ;D if u guys have the schematic can send to me by emails ? thanks i curently do a reserch on the inverters hope you guys can help me ;) ;) this is my emails adds [email protected]
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