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  1. Guyz, Chk it out a nice peace of work http://w5jgv.com/inverter/index.htm could any one see a way to devolop it further ACDC
  2. here u go 220Vinput 220V out put 13.5V sealed lead acid bataries 30 pcs in series conection that produce around 410VDC bataries are dead now im trying to run it witout bataries with the help of a generator during black outs ACDC
  3. Ante! nobody seems to answer my question ::)
  4. Hello, Could any one tell me how t o produce 5 A 400V DC? to power up an old Emersone 3.5KV UPS in black out time is it possible to rewing 950W generator to produce 400V DC or is there any other way to get the desired voltage? all the nbataries in the UPS are dead 30 pcs of 13.5V sealed lead bataries ACDC
  5. Hello, Is there any one could help me out please ACDC
  6. I bought a ups (Emerson AP203) from a junk yard its 2.5KV Online UPS it’s a nice peace of work. UPS works fine except the batteries are dead 12V 6ah 30 pcs Batteries in series connection that supply a DC of more than 370V its labeled caution 410V DC. I gave it a test run by plugging it and for batteries I convert 220AC to DC with a full wave rectifier and 2200uf 4000V DC capacitor UPS started but it shows battery low coz its not getting its full supply . Replacing batteries pretty expensive what is my plan is for the DC 410V get a 950W Generator and rewind it to get an out put of 410DC and supply it to the UPS so when black outs I can use the UPS as a power source like and Inverter Generator will it work? What are the modifications I need? Please let me know your ideas ACDC
  7. Hello Guyz, why cant i download any crts that posted here,im desperatly in need of an inverter above 1kv ACDC
  8. thanks for your time, ill give it a try ACDC
  9. Hello Guyz, i am haveing lots of troules with the power company its always out so i plan to build an Inverter i bought one 500W inverter japanese made with 2 IRFP054 MOSFET but 500W is not enough for me so im planing to increase the MOSFET to 8 total 4 each side ther are lot of space in the heat sink will it wiorks? plase let me know your openions ACDC
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