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  1. hi i want to make a circuit that convert digital video like MPEG to play it in nomal TV with suitable format like PAL. i searched about chip can do that found SAA7128AH encoder (datasheet attached ) any one can help me in making interface to it :) i have difficulties in understanding lines: LLC which act like CLK RCV1,RCV2 which deal with vertical and field synch. plz any one can help me in this topic with SAA7128AH or any ideas using another encoder plz do thanx atoof SAA7128AH_7129AH_4.pdf
  2. hi before looking in your circuit,i want to say that USB can give you 5v dc with max 500mA current only is that suitable to you??. atoof
  3. hi all thanks for your reply :) i have a circuit that gives me 12v dc with high current but i want to know your comments plz i attached it wait for your comments atoof
  4. hi Audioguru thanks for your reply if you can tell me for another regulator that gives me high current plz do :) by the way you said 8-track tape players that drew about 10A to change tracks of course it is so large but that is tape player but i think HDD takes less current :) anyway if anyone can tell me something about HDD current at all times of operation plz do thanks atef
  5. hi Ante the board of HDD that takes power from supply will connect this ground from supply to IDE ground pins itself :) and then IDE will connect it to ground of PC supply i checked this the -ve of battery is conncted to PC ground happy for ur reply atef
  6. hi all thanks for your reply my battery was over 18 vDC (3 batteries in series each one 6v DC,4A),and when HDD had been attached battery volt was around 17V i didn't measure the output of 7805,7812 after attaching (it was only few minutes and everything gone :'() if HDD crashes when the voltage too low (as audioguru said )i think it was the problem but the problem of common ground( as Ante said) between motherboard &battery i think it is not problem becouse IDE bus has 4 pin as ground are connected to motherboard ,so there is no need for external connection. anyway i still want to make this circuit and if any one can help me plz do thanks atef
  7. hi indulis, ok 7812,7805 ,if we said that they can't support this current may they damaged themselves but why HDD damaged? if you have an answer plz post it :) if you (or any one who see my question)can suggest another regulator plz do thanks for your reply atef
  8. hi all i want to make power supply to my Hard disk from battery to use it as external one so i did :) MY HDD use 12v .75A,5v .8A DC ,i made a circuit using 7805,7812 to get voltage from battery, i measured the voltage and it was good after connecting i think its motors tuned on but PC can't see it :o it's ok the circuit didn't work,but the surprise was HDD was damaged :'( can any one help me ,i want to know why this happened? and any one suggest another circuit to get power from battery i want to make it. any one can help me plz reply here or email me my E-mail is atef_m_y@yahoo.com thanks
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