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  1. Mike! You article was really awesome!......but you have left us newbies stranded by the wayside....would you give us a ride by giving the values for the components shown in the circuit and also explain how it would be useful around the home...?
  2. Can this circuit be used as a room bug?.....if yes , how do we introduce a microphone into the circuit....how sensitive would it be?
  3. Hi! May I beg to disagree? My topic was regarding the process of making PCB's by newbies. So how is that classified as "conversation"? So also my post regarding the frying of TV's...this too relates to circuits/switches which would prevent such costly mishaps....and any response to the issues raised by me re Lightning strikes should have a wide reader interest and utility. Your classification of my posts as "conversation" is probably based purely on the subject matters......here I plead guilty as I believe that the subject matter should not by cut n dried but also carry a fair amount of humor ...so sadly lacking around the world!...This, I admit is of course strictly subject to the condition that issues raised relate to electronics and power controls..etc...which you will perhaps agree, my posts do. Further, I am not even for a moment suggesting that such a great forum as the Electronics Lab should be reduced to a silly and frivolous yakking club. NO!! I would earnestly welcome your valuable advise and suggestions as to how I could (as a newbie) go about the forum in future...but frankly making the forum TOO straight jacketed would probably cost it a lot of appeal. Best regards, Lakhan Bangalore India
  4. Thanks Guys! My faith in this forum is scaling Mount Everest!
  5. Howdy Everyone! I have successfully executed on breadboards, several small and interesting circuits available in this forum. However, when I approach any PCB manufacturer to make a few PCB’s (say ten), I am looked at derisively….and my assembled circuits continue to remain on breadboards… I am not able to replicate. Can some helpful soul tell me step-by-step (be warned...I am a wee bit slow on the uptake! ) how to convert simple schematics to PCB using free software? Even good links would do. I have a good inkjet printer…I can even use my friends laserjet. Thanks!
  6. Howdy Everybody! I am a newbie and would like to know if anyone has tried this great intercom circuit.... Is it a hassle free project? Thanks!
  7. Hi Everybody! Carrying the idea of a musical water level indicator a bit further,would'nt it would be great if the geeks out there could rack up their brains to incorporate the 16 pin, 12 tune
  8. Hi Everybody! I have been following the transmitter circuit of Audioguru and the various threads. It is no doubt very good and alas ..geeky! But what about us newbies....you are keeping us out! Could anybody suggest a simple and sensitive AM room bug with a range of say, 200 feet. Thanks!
  9. Hello Hotwaterwizard! Thanks for responding. The first simple circuit appeals to me as a newbie. Would you please clarify the foll: 1) What is the wattage of R2, 2.2 meg? 2) Is sonalert buzzer same as a piezo buzzer. Can we use the latter? 3) Can we use a 9v, 500 ma DC power supply instead of a battery? 4) Will there be any unsafe leakage current into the water? 5) What kind of probes would you suggest for the high level water tank ....and what kind of cables to connect to the circuit? Thanks in advance!
  10. Can anybody help me locate a good and reliable circuit for tank water level indication with audio alarm...preferably music? Thanks.
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