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  1. hi thanks for your reply's.... all its got written on the modchip is: solider tab
  2. hi all,would anyone know where i can order on of these screens from in the uk?,i've done some searches on farnel,rs etc and i get displays come up that look very much the same but none tell me what onboard controller they are using,and the tut says use a "a 2 lines x 16 characters LCD display with Hitachi HD44780 onboard controller" wanna be sure i got the right screen to start with save me fooking it all up! another thought... would i also be able to use this on a xbox modchip as my chip (xeonfx) has pinouts for lcd screen but they are listed d2,d3,lcd_d0,d1,rw, etc,which means nothing to me!.... wondering if anyone knows what all the printer cable pinouts would be if this common lang in the eletronics world!!??? (damm newbies!) cheers in advance pete
  3. my mate work's for a company that makes heatshrink,and he managed to accuire me a proper heat shrink gun............. black and decker paint stripper..... pretty much... only real difference is the heat gun has a heat control dial!! i'd use a paint stripper... just not too close!... i've even used a gas hob before... not too close of course.... and it was some real big stuff!... like above said its only the heat radiating you need hope that helps!
  4. hi,could use a ballcock with a microswitch on it,as something simple,depends if you need to know the l;evel or just a "low" level warning!
  5. hi guys,thanks for your useful pointers, i also had the battery pack apart to start with thinking this was the problem,but i then found would accept charge from a different power supply (got 12V supply on my bench trickled charged it a bit,windows then reported 4% charged instead of nothing)which then lead me on to a charging fault,i then had a look round board for bad/dry joints but couldn't see anything.... anyways.... i desolidered the actual battery pack away from the pcb (the one for charging curcuit inside battery) and solidered in a led so i could see when the laptop actually started providing power to the battery to charge it,in the process of checking different solider points on the board (hoping to find the, what i thought bad component on the board) i touched a resistor and my led illuminated,i then resolidered the joint (thinking it was a dry joint),but its still the same,i guess i've gotta have another look round the board at what is supplying the resistor?? i also have a hot air blower (its a heat shrink gun)that (not ideal but )will melt solider enough to get a new decent joint,however i'm a little worried about the air blower melting the solider then blowing components about!!!!! if i decided to go sh*t or bust with this route would i need to flux the whole board too? thanks again for your help pete
  6. hi all,great forum,looking for some advice here: i have a old laptop that now fails to charge,the machine & windows says its charging when plugged in (charging led flashes on laptop and windows reports battery is charging)but no voltage actually gets suppiled to the battery to charge it,anyway... as i was checking some points on the mainboard i touched a resistor with the positive lead of my multimeter (negitive lead was earthed to chassis)and as i touched a resistor it sprung into life and started suppiling power to charge the batery,does this mean i have some sort of earthing problem one side of the board? does anyone have any ideas what might be going on! many thanks in advance for an help offered!
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