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  1. Cool thanks a lot I had 2 problems. The gnd was not earthed as you said but also the power supply that I was using had just one diode to make ac into dc and thats was another problem. Thanks
  2. Hello all, I have built this circuit http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/sensors/008/ and it worked. However I have a problem. I am using a DC adaptor to give it 12v and so im not so sure if its pure dc. The problem is that, IF I touch the positive metal part of the power supply, the circuit works perfectly... if I remove my finger from the positive of the power supply, the RED led (of the circuit LED1) turns ON until I touch the + again. Could this be a filtering problem of the power supply? I put 10uF and 68nF in parallel across the power supply but no luck. Thanks all
  3. THANKS guys for your support I will check the links from home and let you know. Keep the discussion up. thanks
  4. Ah no good for me because its only upto 200v and its for 400Hz :(
  5. Well I am using either single phase current which is 230VAC at 50Hz or 3 phase supply which is 400VAC between phases at same frequency.
  6. Yes I agree about the heat in the dummy load. Well at least its only Heat and not BANG .. there goes the bulb ... hehe Im still terribly interested in knowing more. For example about the DIY resistors .. using some special wire you said.. Any more information please? thanks guys please keep it up 8)
  7. hmm :o thanks mate. Do you think you can explain this a little better as I coudn't imagine how to doit. Thankyou !!
  8. Cool did you buy it or did you make it? Do you have any pictures or anything? thanks :D :D
  9. Nice to see you are interested. Well I am working with 230vac at 50hz. I have some solidstate relays which I need to load to test them. I know its expensive but I still would like to give it a shot here Thanks guys!! Looking forward to your help as I am lost hehe :D Will post some pictures of it when I finish it (if I start it) hehe :P
  10. Hi guys, I am looking for a circuit so that I can build a variable dummy load AC not DC. Could anyone help out? I am currently using rows and rows of 200W bulbs .. but they heat up too much. Any other IDEA apart from Resistors which are really really expensive? thankyou PS. I did find a DC dummy load here in the forums but as said.. its DC not AC THANKS
  11. Hmm No no I need to use the motherboard IDE Sockes! :p all PCI Slots are booked :-X I was reading in that article that if you remove the power of a hdd, the bios will still detect it. Could anyone tell me which pins does the bios use to dedect this? thanks guys
  12. Dear friends, I have a problem right now. I have 2 hardisks in my pc and 3 optical drives. Since I use all of them, I have to turn off the computer, unplug a cd-rom and plug in my dvdrom and turn on the computer again. Is it possible to make a switch not on the power but on the IDE cable so that the computer will literally think the drive is not connected? altghou i will still leave it connected? For example I was thinking.... I will cut only the data wires of the ribbon cable and make a switch to connect/disconnect them. It this possible? .... I know there are 4 - 6 wires which the computer uses to verify if the cd-rom is connected and if i cut those, It will help a lot thanks A LOT
  13. THANKS dude! Will give them a look and let you know ;) sorry took me some time to reply.. vb project giving me a head ache :P
  14. Could you kindly send me a link to a schematic that will do the job for the motor please? thanks dude!
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