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  1. This is a method of calculating bandwidth. The bandwidth is the the difference between the upper and lower 3db points.
  2. Yes, that is right. However that is only true if that is how the secondary terminals are marked. Transformers are always rated in VA. In this case you have a teansformer that is 24V @ 12A. VA = E x I = 24V x 12A = 288 VA I hope this helps, Aaron
  3. Hi Stoodent, You can buy a pretty good home meter for that price. Just make sure that when you choose your meter it is a true RMS meter. The cheaper meters typically aren't. Also try eBay, I have seen some pretty good deals on there. Try the Fluke 110, $117 http://www.action-electronics.com/fluke.htm
  4. Hey Everyone, Can anyone direct me to some articles on the topic of skin effect in conductors? I need a good reference for calculating wire resistance for a given frequency and distance. I am also interested in the mathematics behind the Litz wire.
  5. Woirking in the Power Electronics and Power Quality field, I deal with UPS's all of the time. Even a small 500VA UPS is a very complicated machine. It is not designed in two parts, it actually has many more pieces than that. Since most modern UPS's are "online" I will include a block diagram for one. This diagram is over simplified. It is missing the boost circuit and all of the PWM control. Not to mention the fact that the rectifier is a 12 pulse SCR bridge. Good Luck :)
  6. I wouldn't buy a power suppily, build one for your first project :) http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/power/003/index.html
  7. As a Power Electronics Technologist, I would really love to see an area specifically for Power Electronics. Also since I am a huge PLC nerd, it would be very cool to have a space for PLC discussion. I would be more than willing to help out with the new topics. Thanks, Aaron
  8. Hey there everyone, Just wanted to say hi as I just signed up for this board. I am an Electrical Engineering Technologist. I wok in the Power Quality Field in Toronto, Canada. Hope to talk with you all soon :)
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