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  1. Can you please give me the design of this "flip flop"? regards, vivekanand
  2. Hi all, Now I have a project. Let me tell like this : 1. There is a chip which emits a +5v signal (of very sort span) when one condition is satisfied. Like a blink. 2. I want to take that "one blink type signal" and switch on an LED. 3. If I use, NPN and give that signal to base, then the ckt will be on as long as the signal persists. 4. But I want to hold the LED "on" unless anybody resets it. 5. This I have made using relays. (using feedback type) 6. I have tried the same topology using transistors. (Collector to base) but that's not working. I am enclosing the schematic. please help. regards, v
  3. Is this the only way to create? If not, then is there any other way so that battery power is saved? (When this switched is closed, the 3.3k will consume some little current) Is this model called a "digital inverter"
  4. Hi, Ofcourse, there is nothing in the dotted square. It is to show the point of question only. I know about push to break switches and relays to do this. But basically I need such transistor topology to adapt in my various projects. I will be grateful if one tells me how to use transistors to do this. regards, Vivekanand
  5. Hi, I am attaching the schematic design of this. It is not so complicated design. Rather very simple. Details : Source = 3V DC, Always the path AB is closed (NC). If I press the switch, then the closed path of AB should be cut off as long as the switch is closed. I hope it is clear. regards, v
  6. The thing is: There is one circuit which is "normally closed" so that one LED is on. If one particular signal comes, I want, that the "normally closed" circuit should be open, till that signal lasts. This I can do it by a relay. But I wish to know what is the transistor equivalent for this type? Regards, Vivekanand
  7. Hi all, I want to construct a simple transistor based NC (Normally Closed) type of switch; which should be open when there is a signal. Please guide. Vivekanand.
  8. Yes. I want to make a transistor based digital inverter circuit. Please guide me. Vivek
  9. Dears, Which transistor/s should be used (how?) for creating a "not-gate"? And what should be the arrangement in order to cut-off the circuit if there is a specific signal? (using not-gate) Vivek v
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