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  1. Thanks Ante, I've actually found that site since posting my topic. I have sent about a dozen emails to different distributors and manufacturers and have received one reply denying my request (see below). "Thank you for your inquiry. We sell our products to OEM manufacturer's who design these products into their own products for resale to end-users. We unfortunately have no authority to support end-users logistically or technically. For example, we have no method to collect sales taxes, we are restricted by insurance regulations and we don't accept credit cards. "
  2. Come on people!! HELP!! This could be a sweet thing!!
  3. Stuee, Audio guru has a good point about the voltage differential between the 2 ground points, although I don't recommend that you ground anything directly to the battery, that's what the chassie is for. You should really consider moving your head unit ground to the same location as the amp ground. Are there any other components in your system? Active crossovers? Power capacitors? Cold cathode lights? They can induce noise into your system also. Maybe redo your ground points. A dremel tool is great for exposing sheetmetal.
  4. Thanks, I'm hoping they do, cuz I can't see myself spending $200 for only a 7" lcd dvd player when I have this 14" laying around.
  5. I have an LCD from a Dell laptop. The LCD is a 14" IBM part number 47L7400. I want to use it to display NTFS from an s-video or composite output from a portable DVD player. I understand that I need some kind of display adapter, which the original laptop had but now is defunct. I don't want to buy a portable dvd player with a screen if I can get this one to work instead. Any thoughts? FizzGiGG (geek)
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