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  1. Hi All, I have a plasma cutter ( automated ). It follows a pattern that you place in machine. The bench on this this is huge and not flat at all. When I cut stainless steel I have to keep adjusting cutting head to keep it a certain distance from the metal. The control unit has an up and down switch to adjust head but it is too far away to get it exact all the time. Any Ideas how to make a proximity sensor that would not let cutting head get too high or too low? (Adjustable) Remember I cut alot of stainless so magnetic stuff is not possible. Any ideas and schematics would be awesome.
  2. A friend of mine today asked me this question... Is there an ic that will switch 10,000 cycles per minute? below is a rough diagram. He would'nt tell me what it was for but said it needs to wind wire super fast back and forth. Like on a spool. It will use proximity sensors to change the direction of the slide. The guy said he used a relay switch but it was too slow. Again needs to switch about 10,000 times per minute and he said it has to be able to handle 38 watts @ 240 dc . Any of you smart guys have any ideas???
  3. Anybody have a schematic to make a LED strobe circuit? I would like to try to make one with different flash pattern and have it operate about 50 led lights at a time... Will be using 12 volts from an automobile for power. Thanks,
  4. I hope this is right!! I don't know why this is not showing up right. I made this in paint maybe someone could download it and read it that way. But then again you guys seem to know so much you can probably tell just the way it is. Thank you so much. I never knew getting so frustrated could be this much fun!
  5. Another question if I may.. If I wanted to have 2 4017's hooked up for different pattern types where would I place the switch? On the VDD or the clock input?
  6. The 4017 can handle 12 volt? and where do I place the 560 ohm base resistor? I'm thinking between the 4017 and the tip31 and should I place a diode between the 4017 and the resistor?
  7. That sounds easy enough.. ( Feeling Confident ! ) . Now what would the difference be between a tip 29 and a tip 31? I ask becouse Radio shack only has the tip 31, will that work? Also what about the power input? Is there an easy way to change the 12volt input to 9 volt? A resistor of some sort maybe? Thank you..
  8. Before I die I could only wish to be half as smart as you folks.. I appreciate your help!! Now that you folks have straighted me up how would I speed up this circuit? And how much power would the tip29 carry? And would I still need the npn transistor? Thank you all very much,
  9. I forgot to mention, The lights I am using are 12 volt (running lights off a truck ) with 4 watt bulb. Told you I was new at this!! Thanks..
  10. Here are the schematics of flasher. I have had it running with the relays working. The relays are 12 volt 30 amp auto relays used for such items as foglights. I would like to have an internal relay ( onboard ) if possible to try to lose some of the ugly.
  11. Hi, I'm kinda new at this but very enthusiastic about learning so please be patient.. I have built a knight rider led flashing light. Instead of the led's I have hooked up 12 volt relays to run 12 volt lights of course. Will the type of relays that mount on a circuit board carry 12 volt? Is there any way to modify the speed of this flasher by a variable resistor of some sort? And how would I make it so I could get power from my parking lights ( 12 volt ) without burning up the IC? I have tried it as it is and the ic gets very hot... Would just a resistor limit the flow of power from 12
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