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  1. I want to vary the intensity ot the incandescent lamp.i tried to implement it using a stepper motor interfaced with a microcontroller. i wanted to know whether the design is feasible or can you give a better suggestion (MICROCONTROLLER PROJECT)
  2. it was a HOt discussion ........well i'm not scared ...whenever i read a new post i had to to go back to clear my basics abt PWM, commutator, brushes......let me tell u tat u ppl here do not scare any one of us but we get to know a lot of things frm u all
  3. guys thanx 4 all ur replies but i've got the answer to it
  4. i'm building a PC controlled robo using C ...the motors driven byL298............i heard tat we require PWM for speed regulation but i'm not able to understand how pwm can regulate speed....pls hlp ..........and also what's the difference b/w L293 and L298 and which is the better one
  5. actually i want to make a digital rpm indicator..........but dont hav enough knowledge abt car engine.....so without accessing the engine from inside
  6. ppl can any 1 of u tell me how to measure rpm of a car engine witout accessing it from inside
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