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  1. Hi there, I have problem with this computer of mine that the CPU unit is working while the monitor is not working.... When i transfer the monitor to another computer its working just fine..... Whats seems to be the problem when the CPU unit is working but everytine i switched it on the monitor just blink......... Can u please help me with this kind of problem.............. Thank uuuu
  2. Hi, I have a problem in this VCD that i'm fixing it won't read and open. although i have change the belt it can now open and close.. But the problem is the mechanical that suppose to be read the cd or the head won't go up and it can't detect the cd... By the way the model of this VCD is TSVS-538. My friends told me to rotate the variable capacitor that is located in the mechanical but still it didn't work... How am i suppose to fix it..... I need some advice and help tnx a lot....
  3. Yeah, it is been a help for us newbies thanx sir it's a great site....Thanx keep it up
  4. Hi there people this is a site for schematics and circuits for free. Visit it if you have time.... http://www.electronic-circuits-diagrams.com/index.shtml
  5. Nope sir but i have already repaired coz someone had helped me repaired it. still i need a manual of it for my future troubleshooting approach... Thanks a lot God bless
  6. Hello there, i need a new electronic project for my subject and i dnt know where to find it. Could you please lend me some. I'll appreciate it a lot..... Thanx
  7. Hello there i have a difficulty in troubleshooting a daewoo tv without its manual anyone out there who could give me a manual of it ........ ill appreciate it so much ::) ::)
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