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  1. Hi again Walid, About how to find the Emitter and Collecter, when I used the diode function on an NPN transistor, I found out that the test worked, but the collecter and the Emitter only had a difference of about .004 V. Is this suppose to be that small? The B-C had about .654V and the B-E had about .657V. Thanks
  2. Thanks very much! Especially to Walid! ;)
  3. I mean like the NPN/PNP transistors. Mostly the ones that start with 2N, MPS, and BC. Thanks
  4. Hey, I want to know if there is a way to find out which pin on a transistor is the collecter, and which is the emitter. I know that a transistor is basically 2 diodes, so finding the base is easy. Thanks very much!
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