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  1. Where are you living guys, in the USA, i have a car SEAT IBIZA 1.3 with 36Ah accumulator. :)
  2. I am sure that you can not supply 50A from one 12V, 50A/h accumulators, for 1 hour. Yes, starter motor comsumes hundreds Amps, but for seconds, maybe minutes. :)
  3. the great manuals site: http://bama.edebris.com/manuals/
  4. Yes, i searched in google, but there have only manuals for sell :)
  5. I looking for Tektronix 336A Oscilloscope Service Manuals. I have a Tektronix 2215A service manuals. Can you help me friends. Thanks in advance. Best regards: Taner
  6. for 500W output power you must supply 600W (85% efficiency) from accumulator, that mean I=600/12=50A, this is impossible current from one car accumulator. For 500W output power you must connect 2 accumulators, series or parrallel.
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