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  1. so do you mean that my black photodiode and a film is good enough to eliminate noise from light?. and my sensor is good to detect IR that come from object surrounded the sensor and the lamp itself, even from sunlight (carry light and IR)? so what i need now is to focus my sensor to an object that will be measured, is'n it? are there any suggestion to focus my sensor to detect the IR signal just from an object that will be measured without interfered by IR from another object?
  2. as i know light has a range of frequency. ..??? : 1.but i ever read an article, told that sunlight is zero frequency(DC) is that right,how come? 2.are there any differences between any source of light in their frequency, what are they? 3.if i make a circuit to detect a source of light and have to eliminate the noise from sunlight can i make a filter(low pass or high pass filter)? 4.is the light with certain frequency will make electric signal with the same frequency in a circuit of photodetector? thanx before...........
  3. great!!!! ;D ,thanx...so much,
  4. sorry, i don't understand your second point, why? i used two transistor to gain the current output from photodiode
  5. i,m not sure about the measurement range of my sensors photodiode/phototransistor(pd/pt) ??? coz there are no serial number on it. so i'm not sure that my pd and pt can detect both IR and light, or only light except i tried it by myself. i've tried some pd and pt (black pd, white pd, gold pd, silver pt, and 2 pin pt) but i do not know why those sensors cannot make change of output when i gave them heat source, but when i gave a source of light they can make change of output very well. i want my pyrometer at least can detect around 10 degree celcius change temp from the ambient temp with 5 - 10 cm long distance from the object that will be detected. here are my schematics i've ever made: using 1 black photodiode; using 2 white photodiode (1 pd for detecting source signal and noise & another for noise); and 1 phototransistor; untill now i'm still assumed that those sensors can detect infrared that emited from an object, so i hope there's a better treatment or circuit to gain the output of sensors.
  6. i want to make pyrometer signal conditioning system using photodiode or phototransistor, but i've got so many problems, coz my photodiode and phototransistor still cannot detect infrared that radiated from an object at certain temperature. i've try combinate the circuit with current amplifier but it doesn't work, it just can detect light well, not infrared radiation from an object. i tried use a film that cover the sensor to filter the incandescent light, it works, but still cannot detect infrared. i hope anyone can help me, thanx b4.
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