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  1. Hi Folks, Got a question on network analysis thats been really puzzling me would appreciate any help on this. In a circuit containg two DC voltage sources and three resistors, if E1 is 28 V and E2 is 7 V and there are three resistors in the circuit R1(4 ohms) is in series with E1. R3 (1 ohm) is in series with E2. R2(2 ohms) is a common branch in the middle of the circuit. If one of the tereoms are used to calculate the currents flowing through all resitors the answers are: I1= 5A, I2 = -1A and I3 = 4 A. However because I2 is negative it is considered an error and the actual current is flowing in the oppposite direction however if that is true then KVL does not work. With I2 negative the volt drops are: Loop 1 (VR1= 20 V, VR2 = 8) and loop 2 ( VR3 -1, VR2 =8V) This to me is correct because this agrees with KVL. However if the current is consisdered positive as it should be then loop 2 = 9 V which does not agree with KVL. I Hope I have explained my problem clearly again any help will be appreciated. Cheers JAg.
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