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  1. Thanks! Yea, I don't know why I didn't remember/realise the relationship before! Again thanks!
  2. I was just wondering if anyone here would mind helping me out with a problem. I have consulted with fellow classmates the net and texts. but have yet to figure out a way to calculate, the unity-gain frequency of an op-amp with a closed loop gain of 3.7 and an upper critical frequency of 514. nor the new upper critical frequency if the gain is changed to 5.7 I have really no idea the closest formula I've run into has ft=Acl*fc(cl) but Im missing information and not sure if this formula would work even if I had the required info. Thanks,
  3. Thanks for that great help. You guys both took me in the right direction and helped me figure out how to solve these problems.
  4. I'm an Electrical Eng. Tech. Student and have a small question... Its a basic problem, all the information I have is, An Op-Amp has a CMMR of 76dB and an open-loop gain of 81,000. What is its common gain.. now here is my little problem.. I have the formula.. Acm=(Aol/CMMR) This is I believe not correct? Since I've been getting some weird values, does this have anything to do with log20 that would get me the CMMR'? Im pretty certain thats where I've went wrong does anyone have any ideas how I can make Aol/Acm=CMMR work to give me Acm.. when I have CMMR'?
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