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  1. i really dont know what a relay looks like inside, and i dont know how to draw its schematic, thats why ive only draw a box, it has 5 wires, sori for the newbienez...
  2. This is the schematic... ive only made it on paint... thats an object avoider circuit which ive made it on my own, the relay's used is for the motor to reverse, but i could now make the relay work properly, any ideas how did my circuit gets wrong..
  3. i really dont know... coz ive tried to make an object avoider and ive used a relay for the motor to reverse, but since im using a relay(12v), after ive run the circuit the relay wont work properly, my circuit has only 3 sensors, 3 basic gates, a transitor to switch the relay, but still the output voltage going to the relay drops down from 12 volts to 5.... I really dont know what happen..
  4. tnx so much Mike... ill try to run the circuit and understand it.. coz im really a begginer about electronics... quite complicated the ciruit.. :) bt ill try to manage.. tnx...
  5. can anyone tell me how to amplify the voltage.. say, in a ciruit i have a 12 volts supply for it and because of voltage drop when it reach to the last device which is a relay(12), the relay would not function properly anymore. advice much apprectiated..
  6. im only building a small model house with doors that are 2x3 inches in size. Im planning that if someone will get near the door it would automatically open, so most likely it would detect human touch, or maybe light. But since this is a miniature, fingers would serve as the actual size of the person. Mike- about the Fet-touch sensor, can you explain to me how it would work and the configuration on the device. Any specific name for that sensor once ill buy it..? Another thing is im wondring if whats the best way to reverse the rotation of a servo.... any suggestions...
  7. im a newbie here.. i want some suggestions on making a miniature of a house with automatic sliding doors... what sensors be used?? any shematic layouts which i could prefer to.... and so much more.... your help is much appreciated, coz i want to impress our teacher through this project..
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