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  1. Thanks Mike I was looking to use a Computer Type TFT probably no igger than 19 inches (or small flat screen TV's). It only really needs to display numbers 0 - 99. The idea of the project is that it can give the end user the option of having a 7 segment display/Flip-Dot or a TV screen, depending on their budgets and trying to intergrate it in to one package. Its a flexiable project and at the moment its in its early stages. Its more than just an up counter because thats just too easy. The BOB 2 products look good, they remind me of the text that comes up on the old video camcorders. Maybe there is a way to cannibalise one. Thanks for the ideas
  2. Good Morning All, I'm just starting my last year of uni and have been thinking about projects. What I'm trying to desing and make is a Counter Call system simalr to what you get a the post office/ super market cheese counter. With a twist that it can drive a regular large x2 7segment display aswell as have the possiblity of driving a TFT display! Eash display shows a number and is then incremented on the press of a button. Having looked round at display drive IC's I came across the CH7017 from Chrontel. (http://www.chrontel.com/pdf/7017-7018ds.pdf) But this seems rather complex for what I'm wanting to do, it also appears to need a Graphics card input which I didnt want to have to use. I would like to make the counter system as basic as possible I had something like this in mind (http://www.doctronics.co.uk/4510.htm) I'm not really sure if I'm heading in the right direction with this. Has anyone else come across a project like this? It would be great to hear from you if you have any ideas, Many thanks Rich
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