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  1. If I have a 12 bit ADC with a reference voltage of 4.096V it should be able to detect changes in voltage up to 1mV correct? However when you attenuate a signal that is much larger than Vref, you are not going to get nice 1mv steps. What are the considerations one should make to help mitigate the differences to acheive the greatest accuracy/precision.
  2. Hi I'm thinking about building this PSU but I want to make a dual supply that I can switch to 0-60V but I'm a little confused on what kind of transformer I should use. I have read that you can make a dual output using seperate windings, i'm not sure how to hook up the secondary windings. I know that they would each need there own rectifier, filter capiciter ect.. Hammond makes a 60V center tap transformer that is in my price range (model 182R30) Can I use this transformer to achieve a dual supply? If not, what kind of transformer could I use? (specs would help) I'm hoping to keep it as a single transformer rather then two completely seperate transformers. In addition if I cant use the Transformer I mentioned above for a dual supply, how about a Bipolor supply using the center tap as a common ground? This would be for the improved 0-5A 0-30V PSU Thanks in advance, Trigger
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