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  1. thanks guys i found the l293D whixh is 600mA output and my motor is 500 mA so i guess it's almost okey to use that bridge directly
  2. what about ln4448 diode i guess it's fast enough (What is in mind??)
  3. thanks man but what diode should i use can i use the ln4004 ?? here's the schematic for the circuit as u can see the bridge is l293D which is unavailable as i said before and there's no hope i will find it
  4. Hey everyone well Audio Guru u helped alot in the sensors topic i would like to ask again for help on a certain subject i found all of u guys making a hell of a discusion about well I was planning on controlling a dc motor with brushes and commutator to work with atmel at89c2051 mcu (Using pulse width modulation) well i got everything from the tutorial u linked here about the pwg through a bridge to control motor and btw the code there is simple i am a computer science student so i know about it the problem here is that i planned to use the l293d which is equipped with spike-protecting diodes and rated 600 mA per channel but the only bridge i managed to get is a l293B which isn't equipped with the diode and also rated 1A per channel that could be a problem so my question is (Is it possible to use that bridge with a dc non-stepper motor or what?) P.S:Audio guru u really helped last time i hope u do this time :)
  5. LDR like in photo resistors sorry for the mistake anyway am a newbie as you see so thanks for every thing and i didn't get the reason for increasing the resistance and what did u mean it should be connected to GND it's already one input with the 10k R and the other is to GND
  6. thanks very much man i am using a photodiode insted of the photo transistor (LDA) is it ok?
  7. Hello everyone i have been working on a robot that follows a line and had a problem with getting a sensor to work with so i had to lookup designs on the web and found one my problem here is that i don't understand the concept or got it wrong cause i am installing the parts right now and have a big time problem wheather to put the photo diodes under or both the photo diodes and the iRLEDs under the body in order for them to both send light signal and recieve it via the diode please tell me what i should do ASAP nad if there is an alternative please tell me about it
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